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Organization Development

Organization Development (OD) is a deliberately planned, organization-wide effort to increase an organization's effectiveness and/or efficiency and/or to enable the organization to achieve its strategic goals. OD is a systemic learning and development strategy intended to change the basics of beliefs, attitudes and relevance of values, and structure of the current organization.

GTC specializes in Organizational development interventions wherein team accompanies the client in activities directed at improving its effectiveness. These activities are adapted to the organization’s pulse, nature, weather, needs, and current status of development. OD interventions taken up by GTC are about change so we involve people at all levels across functions. Also, our seasoned team supports our clients in developing processes, systems and structures.

At GTC, we use systematic strategies and approaches to enhance individual well-being, setting up processes in turn leading to congenial environment and enhanced performance.  Operating from an "organization as dynamic system" perspective, we offer the following organization-wide interventions:

Change Management

Any organization that wants to maintain its competitive advantage in a changing environment must review their need for change. We facilitate our clients’ change processes and help them “re-invent themselves”.

Change management involves the continuous process of aligning an organization with its marketplace and doing it more effectively than the competition.  We work with our clients to create systematic, planned and time-bound programs of change that address the continuous synchronization of the key "levers" of strategy, operations, culture, and reward.

Organizational Culture is the belief system, values, assumptions, expectations and norms that are common to all levels of the organization. Culture and value assimilation helps to define “the way we do things here.” It helps the managers and employees define and understand norms, behavior and attitudes.

Strategic Management

In recent years, there is more awareness of the role and function of the human resources division as a strategic partner and a leader of change within the organization.

This includes a wide range of customized interventions leading to development of people, organizational systems and processes. We facilitate our client in developing unique culture, leadership capability and performance orientation, which is helpful in staying ahead on the growth continuum.

We facilitate / support our clients on wide range of requirements like:

  • Organization’s Vision, Mission and Values
  • Strategic Guidelines: Clarity of purpose is foundation.  We offer assistance in the formulation of strategic and tactical plans.
  • Key Goals and Objectives
  • Organizational Design & Structure: We work with our clients to help them analyze job characteristics, work situations, and reporting relationships to configure a maximally effective organizational structure.
  • Creating culture of choice
  • Organizational transformation

Competency Model

We help Organizations to identify the competences for various levels across functions as these are foundation for success.  Once identified, the competencies are used to link and align critical human resources practices (e.g., human capital management).

Team Building & Team Development

Team building: Team building process must be considered every time there is a fundamental change in team structure. In this process GTC will help you make decisions regarding the team’s charter, goals & objectives, work processes and patterns, role description and areas of responsibility, mutual expectations coordination, and so forth.

Team development:Teamwork requires complex skills. In order to achieve effective teamwork, concentrated and on-going effort must be invested. Team development is where GTC can help you review the team’s current situation, learn lessons, and formulate action items. This is an opportunity for each team member to receive feedback from their colleagues and for the team to make decisions concerning issues such as: work patterns, forums, communication patterns, conflict-resolution processes, etc.

We intervene with teams at all levels and help them become more proficient in the key areas of intra-personal, inter-personal and team performance.

HR Management Outsourcing

GTC can supply human resource managers for organizations interested in outsourcing of human resource functions. Outsourcing can be either temporary or permanent, for the entire organization or merely on a divisional basis. These HR managers are fully trained and are accompanied by GTC on an ongoing basis. Thus, the organization gains significant added value in the form of an HR manager backed by the professional infrastructure at GTC and contributing their experience with other organizations.