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Manufacturing Excellence Team  focuses on understanding the current status of the manufacturing processes, internal systems and procedures. Gap areas are identified based on the “Best Practices” understanding and an execution and implementation plan is developed to enhance the overall operation of the company.

The evaluation process begins by examining the workflow structure of the business, understanding the structure and division of labor among the management of the company and moves on to the various divisions and departments and how they relate to one another in order to ultimately supply customers with goods or services. The idea is to understand how each component of the business currently impacts that process, directly or indirectly.

United Spirits Limited :

However as all the initiatives are focused on Overall plant efficiency, safe environment, best practices & improving bottom line, all these are inter woven & in line with the Manufacturing Transformation Process presently being initiated as Disha initiative which is framed for a duration of 15 months initially. The long term objectives of this initiative is to create a learning organization and performance driven work culture through people engagement that enhances employee morale, participation, ownership, overall productivity, performance and satisfaction. This Change management project  begins with conducting a workplace audit which is aimed at improving the workplace standards on 5 pillars approach (Work Environment, Housekeeping, Safety, Hygiene and Visual management). We believe that better work atmosphere will lead to high morale and improved performance of employees.

The basic approach started with Work place Improvement followed by Employee Engagement, Problem Solving approach & initiating processes to improve bottom line with focus to engagement & ownership model.

  • Work Environment ( Seeding Change ) - Inculcate GMP as 5S. Visual display, Material Flow  & Lean Practices for involvement.
  • Cultural Visioning & Ownership
  • Team Involvement ( Managing Team ) - Creating Environment to inculcate team participation, recognition & development of   situational leaders  ( To be in-house we will support) Get Together, Talent Forum, Picnic)
  • Training ( Employees) - Behavioral, Team Work & Leadership Skills
  • Process & System Orientation - Developing Processes ,systems in line with Changing Needs for Participation at Grass root   levels Welfare , CSR  & Problem Solving.  

Training Conducted  on Bottling Process Module, Hygiene, Housekeeping, Safety & work place improvement.