• Apr 14

    Global Talent 'Chandigarh Motivational Talk to Over 1000 Students

    GTC CEO Talking to over 1000 students at Chandigarh on behalf of NHRDN & ITFT.

  • Apr 01

    Global Talent Utkarsh Vision Reinforcement Workshop

    Global Talent Utkarsh Vision Reinforcement Workshop of Top 50 of Utkarsh at Varanasi India along with Global Talent Utkarsh GTC Team Naqueeb Alam Ritu Narang Pooja Dixit Shaifali Wadhwa & Nandan Senegar!!!!! Great Opportunity to reinforce the Vision to the 50 top across Pan India!!!!!


  • Mar 27

    Global Talent Umbrella Mentoring Concept at Power Train

    Global Talent's Umbrella Mentoring concept at Power Train - Success Stories sharing day by Mentors....Great experience !!!! Let us keep this concept moving forward with continuous improvements to built the concept as a way of life!!!!! The Mentors were recognized and rewarded for the effort.

  • Mar 22

    Jammu Conference - Valedictory Session with Rajan Dutta and Shaku

    Jammu University Conference - Valedictory session with Rajan , Shakun and Dhananjay !!!! Great conference indeed!!!!

  • Feb 23

    Global Talent WOG Group Roadmap to Business Excellence Day 2

    Global Talent WOG Group Roadmap to Business Excellence Day 2 conducted by DK Bakshi / Inn Nirula supported by Roop Salotra, Ritu Narang, Arti Kaul ==== It was a day of finalization of Vision and Values of WOG Group as well as Mission 2014-2016 .

  • Feb 12

    Global Talent Ansal Antardarshan - Two Sessions - Roadmap

    Global Talent Ansal University Antardarshan Model moves ahead - two sessions of Roadmap to success to the students - building Youngistan of India to develop Global India Manager concept!!!!!

  • Feb 07

    Global Talent Utkarsh Microfinance HR Initiative launch Updated About 5 Months Ago · Taken at Utkarsh Office Varana

    Global Talent's Utkarsh Microfinance HR Initiative Launch - covering Vision Mission Values to corporate strategy, HR strategy, Recruitment, Induction, competency development, learning & development, reward and recognition, retention.... complete HR Cycle --- a project creating passion with people involved in micro finance both employees and clients - getting to the bottom of the pyramid in the society ----- India Varanasi . Team GTC N Alam, Ritu Narang, Pooja Dixit, Shaifali Wadhwa , Nandan and DK Bakshi...... creating roadmap to success....for next one year initiative.....building attitude, bonding, capacity, dedication, energy and faith ( trust).....Kick off meeting Govind MD and Sulabh HR Head .....

  • Jan 21

    Power Train Navodya Roadmap to Success

    Two days roadmap to success power train with facilitators workshop.

  • Dec 25

    USAID Team Building Program by GTC at Kon Khen University - Day 1

    Global Talent's another program under USAID at Kon Khen University day one.

  • Dec 20

    Navodhya Project Power Train Review Meet

    Navodhya Project Power Train Review Meet on Umbrella Concept Mentor-Mentee of GTC Project.

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