• Where Perseverance and Passion Perform…
    Where Perseverance and Passion Perform…
  • Where Perseverance and Passion Perform…
    Where Perseverance and Passion Perform…
  • Where Perseverance and Passion Perform…
    Where Perseverance and Passion Perform…

Our Clients

Global Talent Company Limited is one of the international leading Human Resources, Organizational Development and Training Company.

We assist business organizations, educational institutions and individuals to explore their potential capability.

The company is headquartered at Bangkok, Thailand with its operations also in India, Singapore, Malaysia and North America.

Global Talent is spearheaded by a team of passionate experts in Human Resources, Training, Quality and Consultation. We, at Global talent, believe in analyzing challenges of our valued customers and providing implementable customized solutions.

What our clients say

  • Mr. Prabhaakar Narain

    Respected Sir, It was wonderful Programme & excellent . Very good approach for feedback & ranking etc. Thanks for summarize the all data within very short period. Basically it was beyond our imagination. Once again thanks & warm regards from bottom of our Hearts. Hope , you will guide us in future also.   Regards Prabhaakar Narain (IFFCO , Head Office)
  • Mr. Tarun Bhargava
    Deputy General Manager (Coml.)

    Dear Bakshi Sir, Greetings from India!! The Bangkok/Malaysia trip was just like a dream unfolded with so many Positive Inputs and your Dynamic Personality filled with enthusiasm and zeal.   Warm regards Tarun Bhargava (Deputy General Manager(Coml.))
  • Mr. Satish G. Menon
    Multilink Sourcing Corporation Ltd

    Dear Dr. Bakshi, Good day to you… Thank you for your mail and re-cap of the entire program with IFFCO held on the 07th of June,2013. It was an inspiring and enlightening experience for us and we would like to “Thank You” . It was indeed a learning experience for us on the 07th of June, 2013 and we went back fully charged and inspired and ready to once again “ROMANCE” with our job the next m ...
  • Mr. A.P.Tripathi
    Sr.Manager (IFFCO - Paradeep Unit, Paradeep)

    Dear Sir, Thank you a lot for conducting such program. I have attended so many management development programs but have never got opportunity to attend such a wonderful programme. Total programme was so nicely formulated and organized that we are feeling very much enlightened and energetic. The programme was in true sense a 3E programme. I am assuring you sir that definitely this programme is going to affect our work cultur ...
  • Ms. Sonia Srikanth
    Senior Manager – HR – Talent Engagement, Infotech Enterprises Limited

    Thank you Sir for the enlightening and wonderful session .The learning was immense and it really made a big difference to our view points on certain areas .The gift received as a token of appreciation from you would always be a souvenir for self-motivation .   Sonia Srikanth Senior Manager – HR – Talent Engagement Infotech Enterprises Limited
  • Ms. Madhvi Vashisht

    Dear Mr D K Bakshi, The programme was really wonderful . We enjoyed and got benefited in the sense that now we think of ourselves too. I was really feeling privileged to have interacted and learnt the various aspect of Leadership with Attitude, Behavior, Character & Commitment.   Warm Regards Madhvi Vashisht
  • Mr. Kamlesh Pant

    Dear sir, I would like to implement the vibrant experience of training session on Road Map to Success in my practical ( professional & personal ) life . My learning is to know and learn how to handle conflicts.   Best regards Kamlesh Pant
  • Mr. Mahesh Singh
    Team- HR

    Dear Sir, This was a great and an awesome session I ever had in my life. Please accept my sincerest Thanks for inculcating motivation in us.   With best regards Mahesh Singh (Team- HR)
  • Mr. Vinod Tanwar

    Respected Sh.D.K.Bakshi, I feel enriched both Professionally & Personally after the workshop. Could brush up my communication & leadership skills while participating in the program. Feel fully awakened, motivated. & charged.   Regards & Hoping to have a great experience with you once again. Vinod Tanwar
  • Ms. Shalini Lal
    HR Director, Escorts

    Thank you Mr. Bakshi for this wonderful opportunity. I think there were some very powerful ideas communicated through the two days.Wish you and the students all the very best.   Warm regards, Shalini Lal (HR Director, Escorts)
  • Dr. Sanjay Muthal
    Managing Director, NuGrid Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

    Hi Team RMS / DK, Good to see all of you during these 2 days. after long time i attended such a wonderful session. You really rocked. Bravo. I must congratulate all the participants for having taken pause in their lives and attended the session because they want to make difference. Well done folks.   Thanks and regards, Dr. Sanjay Muthal, Managing Director NuGrid Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (An Associate ...
  • Ms.Sonali
    VP–US India Consulting, Deloitte

    Thank you, DK. It was a wonderful experience to be part of the energy you had so passionately imbibed in each and every participant.   Regards, Sonali (VP –US India Consulting,Deloitte)
  • Mr. Yogi Sriram
    Senior Vice President Corporate HR (Larsen&Toubro)

    Dear DK, Nice meeting you again after long Terrific energy levels. Great enthusiasm.   Regards, Yogi Sriram (Senior Vice President Corporate HR (Larsen&Toubro))
  • Ms. Prachi Jain
    PGDM – HR

    Thanks to all of you & Mr.D.K for such a wonderful, energetic & awesome session. Session was really a great learning for all of us as students. It was my 1st such workshop ever as an audience and after such a awesome experience i will look forward to more now .   Prachi Jain PGDM – HR (WeSchool Student)
  • Dr. Sanjay Muthal
    Managing Director, NuGrid Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

    Thanks DK. It was wonderful session. You were a big catalyst. To me, few important takeways and the best is WHO AM I ? Beautiful exercise gifted by DK.   Thanks and regards, Dr. Sanjay Muthal Managing Director, NuGrid Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (An Associate Firm of Stanton Chase International)
  • Yateen Desai

    Dear DK, Though earlier also, I have attended inbound and outbound workshops, but never came across suchunique techniques of yours, mainly, using songs, feeling of patriotism. Highly impressed with your motive of spreading Indian Talent Across The Globe.   Really Great !. Hats Off ! Yateen Desai (PT/SAI-SCS3),Mumbai
  • Mr. Prasanna Athavale
    Manager - Accounts, Filtra Catalysts & Chemicals Ltd.

    Dear DK, It was a life's wonderful period and really Motivational for Transformation of Thinking. Great and Honored to be there with you. You really share a Great Secret of being Successful i.e - LAW OF ATTRACTION.   Thanks, regards and Best Wishes to Global Talent, Prasanna Athavale. Manager - Accounts Filtra Catalysts & Chemicals Ltd, Thane
  • Mr. Deb Bhattacharya
    Country Head, SRF Thailand Limited

    This is to certify that Mr. DK Bakshi, Chief Mentor & CEO of Global Talent, Thailand has been involved with SRF since last two years.
  • Mr. Rajnish Bawa
    Director Human Resources

    This is to certify that Mr. DK Bakshi, Chief Mentor & CEO of Global Talent has conducted around 22 workshops of two days each on the subject "Roadmap to Success - Management Development Program" covering our managers since last four years.
  • A.D. Burman
    General Manager: Training & Development

    This is to certify that Mr. DK Bakshi, Chief Mentor & CEO of Global Talent  has conducted around 45 workshops of two days each on the subject "Roadmap to Success" covering our managers since last four years.

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